10 Effortless Steps To Turn Your Blog Into A Business

In life, it is quite important to love what you do. Isn’t it so?

Just about anyone would tell you that. There are a whole bunch of movies, quotes and what not on this topic which propounds on this given faith. And we bet, you must have witnessed that already.

So, if you love dancing then you must at least give it a try to become a dancer. The same way you love photography then you should try and participate in photography competitions or send your clicks to people or organization where they can meet their value.

And just like that if you love writing then you should try to write a novel, a poem or maybe start your own blog.

And when it comes to starting your own blog then you would be surprised to know that there are many ways using which you can monetize your content and start earning money.

And that is what we will talk about in this post – How to earn money from your blog?

So, first of all, what you need to do is follow these steps

1) Find a Domain Name

Having your own custom domain name is an integral aspect of starting out with your own blog. For example, xyz.com or fruitandvegetables.com (just examples)

You must see that there mustn’t be a name like WordPress or Wix attached before the dot com. Because if you are serious about money making through blogging then having a custom domain is what you will need!


Because sponsors or the people who want to display their product through your brand won’t like the fact that your blog has a WordPress or Wix attached before the dot-com and it is also a hindrance when it comes to branding.

2) Niche

When it comes to blogging finding a niche is a very significant thing of the whole deal. If you don’t like what you yourself write and perhaps find boring to write upon then how can you expect that other people will find some inspiration in your voice.

So, if you primarily like technology then write about technology; the same way if you like inspirational and spiritual topics then write about them.

3) E-mail List

Building an e-mail list is of utmost importance when it comes to things like blogging, writing or even making vlogs.

By collecting an e-mail list you can ensure to turn a considerable chunk of traffic to your posts which in the end blogging is all about – To generate traffic and make money (if you are thinking in monetary terms)

4) Provide Your Audience With Value

When you write please ensure that you are imparting value to your visitors. It means that they should learn something when they come to your blog. Because in today’s time everyone is after some value!

If you will fail to provide them with a value-driven content then they will easily switch from your blog to any another website or video or any other blog which according to them is interesting and is offering them a better scope in terms of value and knowledge.

5) Search Engine Optimization

If you have started your own blog then no matter how good you write you will need to do the search engine optimization for it. Otherwise, it will be somewhat difficult for you to rank our posts on the search engine page results owing to the stiff competition.

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6) Building Social Media Presence

If you want to start your own blog and chances are that you have already started it then you will need to build your social media presence on different social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and many others.

If there is a question at the back of your mind that is it absolutely necessary to be on social media then the answer would be an absolute yes.

Because there are just too many people on these platforms – In millions to be exact so why not just take the advantage of this fact as well.

7) You Can Sell Products

If you ask why? Then we ask why not? There are practically a ton of ideas out there like selling your own personalized merchandise, selling sponsored products and apart from that you can take part in affiliate marketing.

Google Adsense is also a good option when it comes to monetizing your posts.

8) Build A Portfolio

If you are a graphic designer or provide services like SEO or perhaps Digital Marketing then it would be a great idea to have your own portfolio section in your blog’s navigation menu.

What benefits will it do?

You can show your upcoming clients your work.

If someone relates to your previous work then they can tell you “Hey, XYZ I want a banner like this or maybe I want a page like this”

Displays your skills & abilities.

Helps in creating an impression.

Shows your versatility.

9) Ask For Help

If you are just starting out then a good way to increase your reach is to join Facebook groups and participate in them.

Join forums and promote your blog posts on LinkedIn groups. It will surely benefit you in the initial phase of your blogging.

10) It Is Important To Not To Give Up

When starting out with your own blog then you will have to have a certain level of patience with it. Because it is a type of thing which will require a great amount of patience from your end!

It can take months and even a year or two, thus, if you are starting your blog then do it with a perspective of being in the game till the end otherwise don’t do it because otherwise, it won’t benefit you at all.