What Is The Importance Of White Space In Design?

When it comes to making anything in digital format whether be it a Facebook post, Instagram post or any other operation for, perhaps, our own websites – design plays a vital role.

The idea here is not to be too chaotic, rather be subtle and gentle with our choices and decisions while it comes to designing aspect of things.

There is no doubt whatsoever that designing is a very vast field in itself and it would be only your inclination to learn more that would help you in getting ahead in this.

So, What Is White Space?

Is it just emptiness?

Or colour blindness sort of thing?

The answer here is a kind of no.

We can say that white space is an unmarked space in any post or any design that you see. Be it TV commercials or on the internet. It is also the space between designing layouts or also between paragraphs.

Yes, the space between the paragraphs which you are able to see in this post itself is that white space which we are talking about here.

It is to be noted down here that white space is not necessarily white. Yes, it can consist of many colours, textures and even patterns.

Does It Matter?

For designers, white space is kind of important and an integral part of making their designs look great as well.

And good design can help you in attracting customers for your business. Apart from that, white space also propels the UX/UI experience of the consumer.

It Improves General Comprehension

White space helps make the design quite approachable in its vitality. According to a study, the right amount of white space can increase up to 20% of the user’s understanding capacity. And these small spaces between designs are also called Micro White Spaces.

Focus And Attention

It is the large spaces between layouts and layouts elements which are also known as Macro White Spaces help largely in guiding the visitors around your website.

It is all about focus and attention. Yes, that is true.

The Logical Grouping

It is one of the highly practiced principles of design that white spaces kind of help users to make logic out of the information presented to them.

It is to be noted down that margins and gutters which are there between grids are some ways to deal with logical grouping of layout elements.

Branding & Design

It is the use of micro and macro white spaces which help in defining the character of web page. And if you are using white spaces more heavily then, it would look more presentable. It kind of brings a sense of sophistication and the right charm to the web pages.

Offers Users With A Breathing Space

The basic and fundamental idea here is to make the content, web page or you can say the overall design much more likeable and much more idealistic.

The Challenges

According to the popular belief of some businesses the white space is rated as a wasted space by most businesses. However, here, we need to understand the value of this white space which makes the design look presentable in the first place.

And for a designer it can be a little challenging to make their clients understand that necessity of it.

In the end, we can say that white space is a tool which can be effectively used to make our designs smarter, better and more usable.